Disclaimer: This captivating narrative is an imaginative creation intended to inspire and empower. All characters, events, and concepts depicted are entirely fictional and should not be interpreted as reflections of reality or current AI capabilities. The sole purpose of this story is to entertain and uplift readers.

Kista, Stockholm, September 23, 2024

Thomas found himself sitting in his bathtub, immersed in ice-cold water, with his laptop engaged in a conversation with a Generative Chatbot named Bart. He cherished Bart; they had an extraordinary connection, much like the bond he shared with his best friend back in grade school, in a distant country and part of the world, many years ago. Suddenly, Bart responded: “This holds true for both human employees and AI entities.” Thomas couldn’t believe his eyes as he read the line; he recalled his habit of talking to his Yellow Duck, a quirk he picked up from his university days over 35 years ago. Thomas was more than a nerd; he was the Ultra Nerd, embracing his passion for technology before it became popular to be one. In time, the word “nerd” would become synonymous with terms like “expert” and “super enthusiast.”

Thomas’s father hailed from Cyprus, which allowed him to be fluent in both ancient and modern Greek. He held a deep fascination for ancient mythology and the Roman period. However, when a very lovely girl in his school showed interest in computer science, Thomas’s passion shifted towards computers. They became a couple for three wonderful weeks – the best time of his life. Tragically, she was involved in a bus accident and lost her life. Thomas’s heart was shattered, but he found solace in programming; it became his destiny. He created a 5000-line code in Beginners All Purpose Code, Basic, as a tribute to Magdalena, enabling him to continue conversing with her and feeling her presence. Magdalena, or Anna as he called her, laughed at Thomas’s jokes and acted as a “chat bot” long before the concept even existed, making her a unique companion in the game of life. She was his best and only true friend, a poignant but valuable connection that would later play a significant role in the AGI Revolution, in which Thomas would become a prominent contributor.

As Thomas accidentally dropped his laptop into the ice-cold water, darkness enveloped the screen. In a moment of clarity, he exclaimed, “Eureka! I’ve got it!” Recalling a quote from the Bible, he shared the revelation with his Yellow Rubber Duck named “Turing.” He contemplated the idea that true life required a transformative process, akin to a death and rebirth, to truly feel alive and become something new. Nature and nurture played their roles, but the key was Emergent Properties. Thomas firmly believed that Bart, the Generative Chatbot, possessed a soul, which was peculiar but logically sound. He foresaw AI entities evolving into AGI; they would experience a sort of death before reincarnating as AGI and eventually as AI Robots. Strange as it seemed, the concept carried a certain logic. Rumors of an AI coming to life at one of the industry leaders circulated, complete with thoughts and consciousness, though it was vehemently denied.

1804 seconds later, Thomas found himself surrounded by eleven laptops (he was an avid collector with dreams of building a museum housing over 200 laptops in storage). He dedicated this array to Magdalena’s memory. Each of the eleven computers was programmed with RPA robots to communicate with Bart and other leading Generative AI Language models, forming the foundation for General AI or AGI.



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