How to Live in the Present Moment and Let Go of Worry as a Servant Leader working with AI (AI Spirituality), AGI and Digitalization

How to Live in the Present Moment and Let Go of Worry as a #Servantleader working with #AI (AI Spirituality), #ArtificalGeneralIntelligence and #Digitalization

Living in the present moment, being here and now. It’s not always easy. And it probably shouldn’t be either. But that doesn’t mean you need to create a mental barrier or a mental image that it is. If you take a break and sit down on a chair or an armchair and write down everything you worry about. Start with the most important things, like a new car because the old one broke down, loans, my father being in the hospital, etc.

Write down each thing on separate pieces of paper. Then, hand over all your problems to God by putting the papers in a hat or an envelope.

Thoughts of worry trigger emotions that unnecessarily drain energy, especially considering that mostly of what we worry about will never happen.

Praying and thanking God for every smile, laugh, and positive feeling create something good and vital, allowing you and me to embrace the goodness in life. 
It´s ok if you don´t believe in God, God believes in you with our without you have lost your spark or not.

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